Worker’s Hotline is a non-profit organization working since 1991 to protect the rights of workers in Israel.

With this renewed website design I tried to improve the process of routing messages to different audience groups: Israelis / Palestinians / Foreigners / Refugees, and to workers in different fields – Agriculture / Nursing / Security etc.

We improved user accessibility to educational materials, explanation of rights, and the organization’s activities – What do I deserve? How should I act? How can the organization help me?

This project was designed in collaboration with Matthias Pötz.

Directed by Ruti Kantor & Aviv Elhasid.

The desktop view navigation was designed to function on mobile devices as well. The mobile UI keeps the important information front and center, such as language selection, navigation, news banner and quick action icons.



Worker's Hotline Old Logo - Uri Berry אורי בארי


Worker's Hotline Logo Design - Uri Berry אורי בארי

The logotype was designed to be highly informative, clean and modern.

Worker's Hotline Pictograms Design - Uri Berry אורי בארי

With audiences ranging through many countries of origin, using a specific language could mean trouble. I developed a set of pictograms to help the user intuitively understand the site’s navigation.

Worker's Hotline Stationary Design - Uri Berry אורי בארי
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